CenterPoint Benefits

CenterPoint Benefits
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CenterPoint Membership Benefit #2: Our Mission and Value Statement

Download our Prospectus to learn more     What to expect as a CenterPoint member CenterPoint is a Group Purchasing Organization which combines the purchasing power of its members to get maximum discounts from suppliers, for all its... Continue Reading

CenterPoint Membership Benefit #7: Reporting and Data Analysis

Our data analytics team uses your data to identify spend patterns and price trends to find price optimization opportunities. We continuously improve terms and conditions of our contracts, so that our Members realize savings every year they buy through... Continue Reading

CenterPoint Membership Benefit #5: No Cost for Membership

CenterPoint Group is your trusted procurement advisor that provides high touch service at no cost. We are here to ensure you have the communication and service levels you expect and require from your supplier partners. Book time with your assigned... Continue Reading

Be prepared for anything!

Stock up on the PPE essentials you use the most   Continue Reading

CenterPoint Member Vote

CenterPoint is constantly growing and evolving. From our people to our members to our suppliers. As such we are looking to those we trust most, our members and peers for some input on what direction we should head in next! We request your feedback to... Continue Reading