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IT costs can be a significant expense for businesses of all sizes. From hardware and software to staff and maintenance, there are many factors that contribute to the overall cost of IT for a company.

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  • Hardware costs:

One of the most obvious costs associated with IT is the cost of hardware. This includes computers, servers, routers, and other physical devices that are necessary for a business to operate. Hardware costs can vary significantly depending on the type and quantity of devices needed, as well as their age and condition. For example, a small business may only need a few basic computers and a simple router, while a larger enterprise may require a more complex and expensive setup with multiple servers, firewalls, and other specialized hardware.

  • Software costs:

Businesses. should also consider software expenses. These cover operating systems, productivity equipment, and any specialized software needed for business operations. Software expenses can be high, especially for companies that require specialized or custom-built software solutions.

  • Staff costs:

IT staff costs can also be a hefty component of a company's overall IT costs. This includes the wages of IT staff as well as any costs associated with professional development. Some businesses may need to use contractors or consultants in conjunction with their IT staff for projects or to provide tech assistance.

  • Maintenance and support costs:

Finally, businesses must consider the ongoing costs of maintaining and supporting their IT infrastructure. This includes system updates, repairs, and tech support. These costs can vary greatly depending on the complexity of a company's IT infrastructure and the level of support required.

As stated above, the cost of IT can greatly impact a business depending on the specific needs and goals of the organization. In fact, according to industry data, maintaining an outdated PC can cost up to 59 percent more. An interactive survey by Harris found that 29% of office computer users believe that computer issues are the main cause of lower productivity. It also revealed that 53% of the same employees typically fix their computers either by themselves or by asking a coworker for assistance, which reduces productivity.

And so, when it comes down to it, it’s better for a business to do a hardware refresh cycle every three to five years.

One way that businesses can do this is by purchasing IT products and services through national office supply distributors like Staples and Office Depot. These retailers offer a wide variety of IT products and services, including those made by Apple. Apple is a well-known and respected brand in the technology industry, and its products are often preferred by businesses due to their high quality and reliability.


Businesses have several options when purchasing technology products through a national office supply distributor. These options include visiting a physical store to browse and purchase products or placing an order online.

Both options have their advantages:

Physical Store


Physical Stores allow businesses to see test products in person before making a purchase

Online orders offer convenience and potentially a wider selection of products


In addition to purchasing technology products outright, businesses can also lease or rent them, which can be a cost-effective way to regularly upgrade their technology without making a large upfront purchase.

National office supply distributors have a wide reach with physical stores and fast shipping options, making it easy for businesses to get the technology products they need no matter where they are located.

In conclusion, national office supply distributors like Staples and Office Depot are convenient and reliable options for businesses looking for tech solutions. These retailers offer a wide selection of products, both in-store and online, and they have a wide distribution network to ensure that businesses can get the products they need, no matter where they are located. Whether you are looking to purchase, lease, or rent technology products for your business, a national office supply distributor can help you find the right solution for your needs.

CenterPoint Group can help you leverage either of those vendors ensuring you get the best program that best fits your business to ensure that you achieve your business goals.

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