How To Save Money on Your Tail Spend

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Spend Analytics – the Data You Need and How to Use it

What does your company spend on to support its business needs?  Who is doing the spending and who are they spending it with? Continue Reading

Are You Tired of Not Getting Top Level Customer Service from Your Suppliers?

Your company spends a lot of money with your suppliers, so when you call them with a problem, a question or a complaint, you expect to find someone on the other end of the phone with a solution, an answer or a response. But you don’t.  You... Continue Reading

Do You Know the Difference Between Strategic Sourcing and Category Management?

Opportunity abounds in the brave new world of procurement.  Category Management is part of that. Rapidly evolving to the status of a sector game-changer, Category Management is setting the foundation for the ability of procurement leaders to... Continue Reading

Non-Manufacturing Industries are Growing – and So Are Their Orders

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The Future of Automation in Procurement

Administration is the grand bugaboo of every operation doing business, whether it be in the realm of consulting, procurement, or any other sector.  The problem with administration is that it’s an entirely necessary function to keep the ball rolling,... Continue Reading

Procurement Consulting: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

If you’ve retained or are thinking about retaining the services of a procurement consultant, then you’re probably aware that your purchasing practices need a steadier hand. Continue Reading

How to Save Millions in Indirect Spend

Managing your indirect spend can be challenging.  Accounting for between 15 and 20% of total spending for most companies, it’s a complex feat, indeed, taking in numerous categories of goods and services and a battalion of suppliers.  But you should... Continue Reading