Obtaining Cleaning Supplies During a Global Shortage – Strategies to Reduce Cost and Find Suppliers

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Working from Home – Challenges Companies Face when trying to Organize and Supply a Workforce that is Operating Remotely

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The Effects of a Slowing Economy on Procurement and Supply Chain- How do Procurement Professionals Handle the Effects of Business Deceleration

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Ways to Build Mutually Beneficial Business Partnerships

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Tips for Acquiring Corporate Travel Insurance

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China and the Supply Chain – the COVID-19 Effect

2020, thus far, has been the year of the coronavirus.  Not yet classified as a pandemic (as of the date of this post), the rapid proliferation of the virus has alarmed officials at the World Health Organization and the governments of nations all over... Continue Reading

Contract Terms and Conditions – Businesses Need Them! But Why?

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Solutions for Corporate Data Pooling Plans

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How to Manage Current Shortages in PPE/Safety Supplies

As the coronavirus continues its unfortunate march across the globe, the impact extends to many economic sectors. Beyond the human cost in life and illness, real economic consequences are arising. Continue Reading

How To Save Money on Your Tail Spend

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