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CenterPoint Announces New Program for 2022

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CenterPoint is launching a new program to help our customers meet member demands for savings on small parcel shipping from USPS, UPS and FedEx

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With inflation climbing due to supply and demand imbalance, labor shortages and cost increases, and supply chain complications and cost increases, shipping rates have been climbing steadily over the last two years. These effects are felt with every carrier with the most recognizable names recently implementing both rate and assessorial increases that are leaving some customers with over double-digit percent cost increases.  

"Rate increases are set to take effect on Jan. 3, 2022, for all US domestic, US export and US import services for FedEx Ground and FedEx home delivery. The increase will be an average of 5.9%. FedEx Freight customers could see an increase of up to 7.9%" - (Ramishah, Maruf, 2021) CNN Business News


"USPS is raising rates next year by nearly 6% and UPS announced a 5.9% general rate increase for 2022.” - (Corbin, Kenneth, 2021) Ecommerce Bytes


CenterPoint's program can deliver relief to your shipping team and your bottom line.

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Here's is what you will get with a CenterPoint engagement: 

    1. CenterPoint will offer a complimentary initial benchmark of your program.

    2. Typical average savings of  20% on small parcel shipping costs.

    3. Reporting and parcel shipping dashboard to help you track and analyze shipments in one spot.

Our process will reduce your shipping rates and assessorial fees, eliminate overcharges, and improve how your products are handled, packed and shipped. With a team of industry experts, each with an average of 25+ years of experience, we will make sure that your contract is best-in-class and delivering year-over-year benefits. 


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