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You likely already know how important consolidating procurement processes can be. Consolidated procurement leads to improved supply chain management, greater operational efficiencies, and substantial cost savings. All these results contribute to your business’s success.

When you’re a business based in the United States that also has operations in Europe, however, consolidating procurement poses extra challenges.

International procurement involves overcoming such hurdles as logistical complexities, time zone differences, language barriers, and cultural norms. You may need to ensure compliance with international agreements. Coordinating shipping and delivery across borders can result in longer lead times and increased costs.

To ensure successful European procurement, you need a partner who has established, proven relationships with suppliers in foreign markets. You need an ally who can help your in Europe operations get what they need, from everyday office supplies to personal protective equipment (PPE), as easily and cost-effectively as you do when sourcing them domestically.

Are you seeking a better procurement solution for your business’s operations in Europe? Consider CenterPoint Group and their European suppliers.

A Consolidated Procurement Solution for U.S. Companies in Europe

shutterstock_721218442CenterPoint, an industry-leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) headquartered in Florida, has forged a partnership with trusted European suppliers to better serve our members’ procurement needs.

Thanks to this arrangement, any U.S. companies with a business presence in Europe can now use CenterPoint for consolidated procurement of PPE; cleaning, breakroom, and office supplies; IT products; packaging supplies; and more, for both their U.S. and European locations.

Our European suppliers have an impressive and effective international footprint. Their advantages include:

shutterstock_1984610144Helping Make Procurement Processes More Sustainable

In addition to offering our members a reliable, cost-effective European procurement solution, CenterPoint’s new partnership also allows them to make more sustainable procurement choices.

Making those choices is more urgent than ever. Traditional linear models of production and consumption deplete natural resources, cause environmental degradation, and contribute to climate change. By adopting more sustainable procurement processes, businesses can help minimize their impact on the environment. They can also meet consumer and other stakeholder demands for greater corporate social responsibility (CSR).  

Our partners take their own environmental impact seriously, as well as those of the working spaces they serve. Reducing these impacts is at the heart of their CSR commitments.

shutterstock_2310881641They focus particularly on the contributions they make to four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Responsible Consumption and Production
    Our partners have developed and implemented their own sustainability methodology and label, and are on track to convert to the zero-waste circular economy by giving the office supplies and other products it distributes second and third lives.

  • Climate Action
    Our partners’ commitment to low-emission delivery solutions. That commitment has already yielded a nearly 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in a decade.

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
    Audits by duly recognized firms ensure all of our partners’ product manufacturing factories in at-risk countries respect human rights and the environment throughout the supply chain.

  • Quality Education
    Our partners raise funds to support schools and educate children in developing nations.

Our partner’s commitment to more sustainable, socially responsible procurement processes complements CenterPoint’s own

By availing themselves of this partnership, U.S. companies with European operations take a concrete step toward a better world.

Contact us today to find out who our European procurement partner is, and to start reaping the benefits of our partnership for your organization. Request your free pricing analysis from CenterPoint, and find out how we can help your European business achieve consolidated procurement at a significant cost savings.

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