4 Phases of Emergency Management. Phase 2: Preparedness

Your emergency preparedness plan is crucial in helping your team prevent disasters before they strike. This plan not only includes the overall strategy, but also outlines specific employee roles and a potential approach to testing the plan before it's... Continue Reading


COVID-19 spread across the world in early 2020, practically eliminating business travel. As the U.S continues to combat COVID-19, leaders have slowly opened state borders for business; however, as your business operations resume, it’s important to... Continue Reading

2020 Tax Returns: Deadlines and New Developments

As 2021 gears up, it’s time for employers to turn their attention to completing the confusing 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC and ACA reporting forms. They can’t all be as simple as filing W-2 forms. Here are some important changes and helpful reminders as you... Continue Reading

4 Phases of Emergency Management. Phase 1: Mitigation Strategies

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Business Continuity Planning for a Pandemic

In the unfortunate event of a pandemic, it's critical to adjust your current business continuity plan and update regular procedures. Planning ahead can help reduce employee confusion and frustration in a time of stress, and can set up your facility... Continue Reading

Office Supplies is More Than Just Pens and Paper

With calls to reduce waste and businesses joining the digital wave, it would seem like office supplies and stationery would soon be rendered obsolete. However, the global office supplies market seems to be heading in the opposite direction, as... Continue Reading

The Power of Leveraging: How collective spend can lead to drastic cost reduction for companies

Collective buying power is the ability of a consumer group to leverage its group size in exchange for discounts on products. By partnering with other groups and organizations, leveraging becomes a powerful tool that can provide maximum benefits for... Continue Reading

How US Tensions with China Could Significantly Affect Supply Chain

Relations between the two top world superpowers, China and the US, are at an all-time low, adding more uncertainty than ever over issues of growth, trade, and global supply chain. The sudden deterioration in US-China relations comes just after the two... Continue Reading

How to Succeed with Limited Resources

The lockdowns have caused massive disruption to life as we know it, particularly when it comes to work. Depending on where you are and what the rules of your local lockdown might be, your business could be operating with a skeletal workforce, with... Continue Reading

How Current Changes In The Economy Are Affecting MRO Supplies

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